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Sravasti and Audio CDs ...

Sravasti's latest venture is the Audio CD "Gaaner Goppo" which is available at Sravasti

Sravasti's own production of the Audio CD "Âmâr Jâbâr Byalâte" which is available at Sravasti, for Rs. 150/- only.

The CD of "Shrimati Hey" was launched in 2009 by Hindusthan Records (INRECO) and the first two editions have already been sold out. The third edition CDs are available with Sravasti at a cost of Rs. 175/- only.

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About "Gaaner Goppo"...

gaaner_goppo_cd_coverRabindranath.was truly a myriad-minded man. His songs reflect many hues of his personality and his perspective of life. The countless songs that he had composed are laced with very interesting anecdotes and stories. This audio project is a collage of stories that lay behind the musical creations of the great master.
Presented by Sravasti, this CD is truly a collector's possession and demystifies the "stereotyped" and often misleading notions and myths about Rabindrasangeet, laying bare the actual tales behind the songs.
GAANER GOPPO is the second project of SRAVASTI, an institution which creates cultural excellence and preserves heritage.

About the Launch of the CD

GAANER GOPPO was launched on December 21, 2011, at ITC Fortune Select, Loudon Street, Kolkata, by Nabaneeta DevSen in presence of a distinguished audience including Rituparna Sengupta, Dolly Basu, Rita Bhimani, Sunil Das, Sarbari Dutta, Agnimitra Paul, Sanjay Budhia, Sudipta Chakraborty, Ananya Chatterjee, Chaiti Ghoshal, Parambrata Chatterjee, Priyangshu Chatterjee and many more.

GAANER GOPPO is available at

  • G-55, Dakkhinapan, Dhakuria
  • THE BONANZA, BF-40, Sector 1, Salt Lake (beside BANCHHARAM) and
  • SRAVASTI, 14/97 Golf Club Road, Tollygunge (near RCGC)
  • CHAYANIKA, Bolpur Supermarket, Bolpur
  • SUBARNAREKHA, Santiniketan, Bolpur


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About "Âmâr Jâbâr Byalâte"...

amar_jabar_belate_cd_coverPerhaps no other poet celebrated 'life' in his works as much as Rabindranath Tagore. Yet, throughout his long life the poet was constantly hounded by a series of bereavements at regular intervals. With his genius he transformed his personal grief into unique aesthetic creations. In a way his life was a long tale of a brave struggle of a spirited man trying to grapple with the problem of mortality. He has defied death by not accepting it as the final, futile end, but as an inseparable part of the cycle of life. Death has been depicted as the ultimate beloved, a friend!

Ironically, the last few days of his life was full of physical suffering. He was brought from Santiniketan to Calcutta where a 'supra-pubic cystoctomy' operation was performed on him, much against his wish. Ultimately that proved to be fatal.

This collage traces those final few days of the poet's life, his endurance of the agony and his passing out of existence on the 22nd day of Shravan by juxtaposing it with his death-defying creations in the form of poems, songs, words and images.

The cover of the CD is inspired by the famous painting of Gaganendranath Tagore.

This CD is available:

Please contact: Mr. Raja Dasgupta (+919831021096)


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About "Shrimati Hey"...

shrimati_hey_cd_coverCentral to Tagore's life,literature, songs and paintings is the figure of 'Notun Bouthan' Kadambari Debi, his favourite sister-in-law. Kadambari entered the Tagore household when Rabindranath was only 7. When she willfully left this world, Rabindranath was 24! This person, whom the Poet knew for only 17 years, influenced his prolific works throughout his life. We are therefore indebted to her generous presence and more so to her unending absence...

"Shrimati Hey" is an attempt to express our gratitude to her.

This CD is available:

Please contact: Mr. Raja Dasgupta (+919831021096)

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